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  • A Visit to Boston

    Boarding the Red Line at Alewife.

    Boston’s public transit system has seen many changes since my first visit there in 1967, but the variety of equipment operated there means it’s always worth a trip. Boston pioneered the use of color-coded transit lines, but unlike Chicago’s, their… Read More ›

  • George W. Hilton, 1925-2014

    We are sorry to report that noted historian and author George W. Hilton has died at age 89. He was the author of many notable books, including The Electric Interurban Railways in America (with John F. Due) and The Cable… Read More ›

  • CERA Used Book Exchange – List #6

    Here is our sixth list of used books for sale. We had previously written about the CERA Used Book Exchange here.  Copies of List #6 and an order form have been mailed to all current CERA Members. Used books, donated… Read More ›

  • CERA Mailbag for August 3, 2014

    Chicago CSL 143 Madison Av circa 1910

    John F. Bromley writes: You may be interested in this view I picked off the internet. ID’d as Madison Street circa 1910 but no cross-street given, but it’s by Hotel Brevoort so should be easy to determine, and of course… Read More ›

  • CERA News for August 2014


    Used Book Exchange List #6 Our latest used book list, including original CERA and ERHS bulletins, plus traction books from other publishers, has been mailed to our current Members. We will post this list here on August 5th, one week… Read More ›

  • CERA’s “Spirit of 76″


    This is CERA’s 76th year, and we decided to do something special to show our Members that we still have the “Spirit of ’76.” Therefore, Central Electric Railfans’ Association is proud to announce the availability, starting August 1st, of our… Read More ›


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